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Color Ideas for Your Concrete Countertops

Color Ideas for Your Concrete Countertops

Did you know that colored concrete in San Francisco comes in a wide range of hues and shades? A-1 Ready Mix concrete has colored concrete for a wide range of applications, including custom patio, property accents, and pool areas. Whether you want subtle colors, premium colors, or elite colors, we have what you need. Read on for some different ideas for your colored concrete countertops.

Funky, Vibrant Colors

In the San Francisco area it's common to find fun and colorful kitchen countertops in bold reds, blues, and oranges. At A-1 Ready Mix, we make our bold, intense colors by putting the dyes into the concrete early on, which creates a uniform color. Some of our popular bold colors include Brick Red, Terra Cotta, Granite Red, and Euroblue.

Neutral, Classic Colors

This type of colored concrete tends to be popular in kitchens that are going for an understated design. If you already have the level of design and color you want in your home, a neutral color could be the perfect choice for your concrete countertop.

Warm, Woodlike Colors

At A-1 Ready Mix, we have a number of colored concrete selections that are intentionally blotchy to create a certain charm and character. Many people who like the look of wood, but not the required upkeep usually gravitate to our gold and brown colored concrete options. Others like the rich, complex color of Terra Cotta, Salmon, Tile Red, and Sangria.

Cool, Modern Colors

A cool countertop looks great in just about any kitchen. A-1 Ready Mix has lovely shades of blue and green that will look excellent in your kitchen, including Euroblue, Willow Green, Miami Buff, and Bayou.

Dark, Sleek Colors

Dark concrete countertops look wonderful in a kitchen if you want to create contrast with the warm or colorful design elements in the kitchen. If you want a dark concrete countertop that's more interesting than a standard shade of black, opt for one of our dark colors such as Green Slate, Jet Black, Graphite, and Cobblestone.

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