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Common Questions about Ready Mix Concrete

Common Questions about Ready Mix Concrete

People often wonder what type, strength, and quantity of ready mix concrete they should get. If you are looking for ready mix concrete in Hayward, read this blog to find out answers to some of the questions we are usually asked at A-1 Ready Mix.

There are two basic types of mixes: 1-inch rock or gravel that is usually dumped from the back of a truck, and 3/8-inch rock, called pea gravel, which is typically pumped. If you need concrete ready mix for non-load bearing projects such as wall grout, footings, patios, and walkways, opt for our 2,000-psi concrete. A driveway for passenger cars is better with 2,500 psi concrete, while 3,000 psi is better for motor homes, SUVs, and trucks. To find out how many yards you need, take measurements and then use an online volume calculator. There are three ways to get the concrete from a ready mix truck to your property: using a wheelbarrow, pumping it with a pea gravel pump, or placing it with the truck's chutes.

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