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Inspiring Concrete Countertop Options

Inspiring Concrete Countertop Options

Did you know that concrete is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops and kitchen islands? Not only is concrete inexpensive and durable, but it's also eco-friendly. If you need concrete in Hayward for your kitchen countertops, A-1 Ready Mix has exactly what you need. To learn more about some of the hottest concrete countertop options out there, read on.

Integrated Features

Concrete is easy to customize, which gives you the ability to blend art with utility. For example, it's possible to make a sculptural surface on your concrete countertop, such as an integrated drain board that leads from the countertop into the sink. Other homeowners have created interesting visual effects by installing concrete on the side of the countertop so that it extends from the top of the counter to the kitchen flooring, while others have made built-in concrete storage spaces.

Unique Coloring

Colored concrete is available in a vast array of hues, from subtle to bold. Some homeowners choose colored concrete countertops based on the décor of the kitchen, while others choose based on an object that is special to them, such as a vase or piece of art. Colored concrete can be an excellent choice if you want to emulate a different type of material. For instance, to add the warmth of wood to your kitchen without the upkeep, you can get a colored concrete in a shade of rich tan or deep mahogany.

Custom Shapes

Why not let the shape of the concrete countertop make its own design statement? If your kitchen has an unusual configuration, a concrete countertop could be the perfect option for you. Otherwise, you can make your own unusual yet practical configuration, such as a curved concrete island with stool seating. Many homeowners have designed their countertops with a concave bend that allows more room near the sink and cooking area, a dining table, or even a sofa.

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