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Designing with Colored Concrete

Designing with Colored Concrete

In its natural state, concrete has a light gray color. The good news for homeowners with a more expressive style is that concrete is now available in a wide variety of hues. There are many techniques for coloring concrete, but so long as you order colored concrete from a concrete supplier in Hayward the only thing you need to worry about is which color to use. Here are some important considerations when designing with colored concrete.

Concrete Application

Colored concrete can bring distinct beauty to a wide range of construction projects. Although most concrete pours occur outside, such as a colored concrete patio or pool area, colored concrete can also add distinctive and stylish accents inside your home. Colored concrete floors look great in any room, but the properties of concrete are ideally suited for the kitchen and bathroom.

Color Options

No matter where you're installing concrete, there's a color to match any room or space inside or around your home. Subtle colors such as cocoa, light gray, and caramel look the most like traditional concrete. Premium colors add more pop, and cost a little more. Premium colors include brick red, adobe, and terra cotta. For the most unique look, check out elite colors like willow green, graphite, jet black, and Euro blue. Your concrete supplier in Hayward can show you exactly what colors are available.

Color Sealing

To keep your colored concrete looking vibrant for decades, concrete manufacturers and supplied recommend applying a clear sealer to newly colored concrete for protection from abrasion, chemicals, and UV exposure. For concrete subject to heavy wear, it may be necessary to reapply a new coat of sealer every year or two to preserve the color. In addition to protecting the concrete, a sealant also provides aesthetic benefits by adding sheen and intensifying the color effects.

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