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A Guide to Concrete Staining

A Guide to Concrete Staining

If your concrete patio is in need of a makeover, you may want to consider a concrete staining project. Stained concrete has a beautiful look and feel, and your concrete patio will receive a dramatic transformation from this type of concrete enhancement. As you are planning a concrete staining project, it is a great idea to evaluate the types of colors and finishes that are available to you. A company offering Hayward stained concrete can assist you in purchasing the perfect stain for your patio. Here is a quick guide to staining your concrete.

Select a Stain Color

The first step of concrete staining is to choose a stain color from your concrete supply company. Along with a stain color, you will need to choose either a transparent stain or an opaque stain. Opaque concrete stains offer maximum coverage, and will conceal the concrete surface underneath. By contrast, transparent stains will provide your concrete with a light layer of coverage. Your concrete stain expert can help you choose a stain that will provide you with your desired results.

Prepare the Concrete

In order to be stained, concrete must first be properly prepped. To prepare your concrete for your staining project, you will first need to sweep away all dirt and debris from its surface. Next, you can make sure that your concrete is totally clean by spraying it with a hose. Once your concrete has been washed, you will need to wait a full day before you apply the stain.

Apply the Stain

Once your concrete surface is totally dry, you will be ready to start staining. Concrete stain can be applied using a standard paintbrush and painting bad. As you brush the stain onto the concrete, be sure to work from the outside edge inwards. Once the entire concrete areas has been stained, be sure to allow plenty of drying time before you touch the surface.

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