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Common Uses for Crushed Aggregates

Common Uses for Crushed Aggregates

Crushed aggregate refers to an array of different construction materials such as gravel, sand, and crushed stone; these are parts of larger materials like concrete. Keep reading to learn about a few common uses for crushed aggregates in Hayward.

Aggregates of colored or ready mix concrete, like slag and sand, help to reinforce the larger material. Crushed aggregates are typically used to create the foundation for railroads, roads, or other foundations. They are also commonly used in situations where fluids are drained, such as road side edge drains, septic drain fields, and French drains. Recycled sand is an aggregate typically found in concrete or pipe bedding, and recycled road base is great for driveways, construction fill, or the base for a road. Some aggregate is defined by its size; Three-fourths to one and a half inch aggregate is suitable for places like flowerbeds, landscaping, or drain fields.

Concrete, such as ready mix or colored concrete, can produce aggregates which can then be recycled. These recycled aggregates are commonly used for drain fields, road foundations, or in other concrete.

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