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What Is Concrete Recycling?

What Is Concrete Recycling?

Concrete recycling is an efficient new method of reusing concrete in the form of aggregates in San Francisco. Whether it is ready mix concrete, colored concrete, or any other type, it can most likely be recycled. Keep reading to learn more about concrete recycling.


Concrete recycling can be initiated in one of two ways: You can bring your concrete to a yard where it can be recycled, or a concrete recycling service can come to you and crush your concrete at your location. The concrete is first crushed down into small pieces and then processed into a material that resembles a small rock. This recycled concrete can be used for a variety of purposes including the creation of new streets, buildings, or other construction applications.


The recycling of any type of material is economical; instead of having to make something from scratch, you can utilize used pieces and get the job done quicker. In addition, there are fees that are eliminated when it comes to concrete recycling. There will be no payments for transporting the concrete to a landfill or the cost of the actual disposal of the concrete. Since these costs are always increasing, it is greatly beneficial to cut them out entirely.


Much like the fact that recycling is always economical, it is always environmentally friendly as well. This process reduces the amount of concrete that ends up disposed of in landfills; this material is instead used in the process of building new structures. Concrete recycling also protects the environment by limiting the amount of energy expended in mining and transporting new aggregates. The previously mined and transported concrete is reused for new projects.

Any type of concrete can be recycled: ready mix, colored concrete, or even airport pavement. This process can occur at the recycling facility or at your yard or job, and involves the crushing of concrete into small pieces for reuse in other constructions. This is a cheaper alternative to paying for the transportation and disposal of old concrete and the purchase of new concrete. Recycling also helps the environment as it saves energy and provides reusable materials.

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