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Understanding Your Concrete Recycling Options

Understanding Your Concrete Recycling Options

If you have asphalt or concrete in San Francisco that you don't want or need, contact A-1 Ready Mix Concrete. We offer cost-effective, environmentally friendly concrete recycling services, and even sell crushed aggregates that were made from recycled materials. Read on to learn more about the concrete recycling and recycled materials we offer.

Bring Your Concrete to Our Yard

One option is to bring your concrete to us. We can crush and process the material into a crushed rock-like product that can be used in different construction applications, such as streets, utilities, and buildings. Concrete recycling is a popular way to use aggregate left behind when driveways, roadways, or other structures are demolished. In the past, this concrete was sent to landfills, where it sits for a very long time before decomposing. These days, more of it is being recycled because it saves both energy and money.

Schedule On-Site Crushing and Screening

If you have a great deal of concrete at your construction site and you have no way to bring it to our yard for concrete recycling in Hayward, don't worry—we can come to you. We will bring what we need to crush and process your concrete on-site. This can save you a lot of money that would otherwise be spent transporting and disposing of concrete slabs.

Buying Crushed Aggregates

A-1 Ready Mix offers a range of crushed aggregates for sale. We have recycled road base, which makes a fantastic base material. It is often used to make things like road base, driveways, trench bedding, and construction fill. At A-1 Ready Mix we sell recycled sand, which is a frequently used ingredient in concrete, and used often for pipe bedding. We also sell three-quarter to one-and-a-half-inch aggregate, which is used frequently in landscaping, drain fields, and flower beds. It can also be used as an aggregate in concrete.

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