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Getting to Know Your Concrete Mix Options

Concrete is a highly durable and long lasting material that can be used for many different applications. When you are planning on a concrete construction project with your concrete contractors, it is very important to select the right type of concrete mix for your need. Concrete companies offer a variety of types of concrete, ranging from colored concrete to ready mix concrete and more. A company offering concrete construction services near San Francisco can help you pick out the right concrete mix for the job at hand. Read on for an overview of the different types of concrete mixes that are available to you.

concrete companies San Francisco Normal Concrete

As its name suggests, normal concrete is a go-to material for many different types of projects. This type of concrete is composed of cement, aggregate, and water. The ratio of these compounds is carefully selected for strength and durability, without creating a product that is too bulky or heavy. After normal concrete is mixed, it will usually set within 90 minutes.

High Strength Concrete

If your concrete surface will be bearing a heavy load, you may want to choose high strength concrete. This type of concrete is formulated with specialized types of aggregates in order to provide more strength and durability. Additionally, materials called super plasticizers are used to ensure that the concrete remains workable and easy to pour.

Air Entrained Concrete

When concrete is allowed to freeze and thaw throughout the seasons, this process can create cracks and other forms of damage. To ensure that concrete is totally weather resistant, a concrete contractor may choose to use air entrained concrete. This type of concrete is mixed with air entraining materials, which puts extra air into the concrete mix. As the concrete expands and contracts with changes in temperature, this air will prevent cracking or spalling.

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