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What You Should Know about Recycled Aggregate

Recycled concrete aggregate can be repurposed in a variety of ways and allow for additional concrete work in the future. Here is a brief look at what you should know about recycled aggregate.

What Is the Purpose?
Aggregate refers to slag, gravel, sand, and other coarse materials that are typically present in concrete or asphalt concrete; the aggregate provides the material with extra strength and durability. When concrete companies recycle these aggregates out of used or scrap concrete, the aggregate can be added to new concrete and used in different projects. This process offers a number of benefits and can be economical as well as environmentally friendly. As major consumers of concrete aggregate, local governments can save money on their purchases thanks to recycled aggregate. On-site aggregate recycling also helps the environment. Instead of putting concrete aggregate into landfills, it is introduced into new concrete constructions.

Concrete Recycling in San FranciscoHow Is It Done?

Concrete recycling can typically be done in one of two ways: You can have a concrete company like A-1 Ready Mix Concrete screen and crush your concrete at your worksite, or you can bring your concrete to the commercial concrete construction service. The used or scrap concrete is broken down using heavy duty crushing machines. A hydraulic jaw will break it down initially and an impact crusher will further split the concrete. The concrete will then be sorted based on size while a magnet disposes of rebar and other metals. At the end of the process you will be left with your recycled concrete aggregate.

Where Does the Aggregate Go?

Recycled concrete aggregate can be used for a multitude of purposes, one of the most popular of which is road base and subbase. It is also used as fill for utility trenches and as a base for the foundations of buildings. Local governments purchase aggregate and other materials for road construction in large volumes and also promote markets for this recycled concrete product.

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