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Designing Industrial Concrete Floors

Industrial Concrete Floors in San JoseIndustrial floors are usually called upon to bear a substantial amount of foot traffic and force, and it is often the job of concrete contractors in San Francisco to make sure that these floors are up to the task. Since this is usually a large-scale project, there are specifications and requirements to be met throughout the design process. Keep reading to learn about the process of designing industrial concrete floors.

Industrial Versus Residential

If you are having residential concrete work done, there are usually not many specific requirements to follow. A knowledgeable and skilled homeowner may choose to purchase concrete mixer and complete the job without the help of concrete construction services. However, commercial concrete is a different story. Concrete constructions that employees or customers will access or interact with must be held to a specific standard so that they do not pose any kind of threat or danger. When it comes to designing an industrial concrete floor, there are usually drawings made to go along with the necessary specifications, both of which serve as a sort of contract for the concrete contractors to follow. As long as the requirements are clearly communicated and not conflicting, a qualified concrete company will have no problem getting the job done.


There are countless different ways that you may compare, differentiate, and generally describe a floor. To make things easier, industrial concrete floors are broken down into classes. Each class describes a floor that meets certain requirements that typically vary based on the ultimate purpose of the floor. Since an industrial concrete floor that is being built for an office building may be vastly different from one that will serve as an industrial garage floor, classes help to provide initial refinements. Any given class may call for a specific finish or placement, and commercial concrete usually ranks high on the class scale.

Necessary Qualities

When a concrete company lays down an industrial floor, they consider several qualities. These include concrete thickness, curing requirements, and surface finish among many others. Laying out new concrete is a thorough process, and your San Francisco concrete contractor has to take all of these qualities into consideration to get the job done.

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