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Comparing Concrete and Asphalt

Whether you are installing a new driveway for your home or are looking to update an existing driveway surface, it is important to choose the right materials for your project. Typically, homeowners will have a choice between concrete and asphalt for their driveway installations. A company offering concrete construction services near San Francisco can help you with every step of the concrete delivery and installation process. By working with concrete contractors for your driveway project, you will be sure to create a functional surface that will last for many decades to come. To help you choose materials for your new driveway, here is a quick comparison between concrete and asphalt.


Concrete San FranciscoConcrete is among the most functional and durable materials that you can choose for your driveway surface. When you choose asphalt for your driveway installation, your driveway could be at risk of cracking or developing other forms of damage over time. By contrast, concrete is designed with withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. If you are seeking a driveway with the best functionality for your home, you may want to choose concrete.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is another important factor to consider when you are deciding between concrete and asphalt for your driveway installation. When you select asphalt for your driveway, you will have a limited selection of colors and patterns. Colored concrete, however, can be styled with beautiful textures, patterns, and more. To create a driveway that enhances the curb appeal of your home, you may want to install colored concrete.


Maintenance is a final factor to consider when you are choosing between concrete and asphalt. Asphalt will typically require more maintenance over the months and seasons. When you install a concrete driveway for your home, your new concrete surface can last without significant damage for up to 30 years or longer. To learn more about the benefits of installing a concrete driveway, be sure to contact concrete contractors near you.
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