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How Translucent Concrete Works

Modern concrete contractors in San Francisco are able to do amazing things with concrete. From aesthetically pleasing sidewalks to pool decks and walkways, concrete can be very versatile. Fiber reinforced concrete is now drawing attention for its unique features in concrete construction, one of which is its translucence. Here is a brief overview on how translucent concrete works and why you might consider it for your residential or commercial concrete construction project.

Translucent Concrete in San FranciscoCharacteristics

If you would like your concrete construction to last longer, enjoy greater durability, and retain its structural integrity for years to come, you can achieve this by combining fiber-reinforced concrete and cement. This makes the concrete better able to withstand natural elements like rain and humidity as well as human elements like traffic and use. Fiber-reinforced concrete is less likely to crack, shrink, or shatter, and yet the ratio of wet and dry concrete mix remains the same. In addition to these practical factors, fiber-reinforced concrete may have translucent properties in certain situations. When concrete contractors properly combine concrete mixer and optical fibers, the resulting concrete construction will be able to transmit light. Like other fibers, these optical fibers do not hinder the concrete construction with any kind of drawbacks, and the density remains the same.

Light Versus Density

Translucent concrete works because the addition of optical fibers does not compromise the integrity of the concrete itself. The traditional concrete mix of sand, cement, and water simply receives a homogenous distribution of optical fibers. The fibers are then able to transmit light of both artificial and natural sources while only comprising about five percent of the surface volume of the concrete. Thus, you are able to see objects outlined through a concrete construction that is still very strong, durable, and sturdy.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation

At this stage, practical implications tend to lean towards aesthetics. With this new take on the material, your Bay Area concrete contractors can breathe new life into concrete structures. This can help to make businesses feel more open and inviting as well as give some art spaces just the kind of atmosphere they had been looking for. With the pairing of translucent and colored concrete, all sorts of concrete structures can become more exciting.

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