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How Fibermesh Can Improve Your Commercial Concrete Slab Installation

commercial concrete slab san franciscoWhen you install a new commercial concrete slab, you want to do everything you can to ensure that it lasts for a long time. There can be a high cost associated with repairing or replacing a cracked concrete slab, so you should take the necessary steps to make your concrete driveways, parking lots, and floors as strong as possible when you do concrete work near San Francisco. Here are some of the ways that adding Fibermesh can improve your commercial concrete slab.

It Requires No Additional Installation

When installing your commercial concrete slab, you could add a welded wire fabric to it to make it stronger. However, this would require obtaining wire and forming it to fit your space. With Fibermesh, you don’t need to do anything except bring your Fibermesh bags along when you pour your concrete.

It Saves Time and Makes Pouring Concrete Easy

Because there is no installation involved with Fibermesh, you don’t have to waste a lot of time worrying about it. Adding Fibermesh to your concrete will not slow you or your workers down. The concrete reinforcing fibers in Fibermesh give you the strength and security your concrete needs while simultaneously saving you time and money.

It Reinforces Concrete Better Than Other Products

Outside of the fact that Fibermesh is designed to be easier to use than welded wire fabric, it also performs better than other products on the market. Fibermesh will prevent settlement cracks from forming in your commercial concrete slab and will also make it shatter resistant.

It Is Built to Last for a Long Time

Your commercial slab will be tough for years to come when you reinforce it with Fibermesh. Whether you are adding it to a concrete slab that is flat or you need to use it in a slab that is built on an incline, it will hold up and do its job. It’s one of the best products to use if you want to make sure your commercial concrete construction slab is strong once it sets.

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