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A Closer Look at Concrete Accelerants

concrete accelerants san joseWhen concrete contractors install a new slab, one of the challenges they face is getting the concrete to dry quickly. Weather conditions and other factors can ruin a concrete slab that is not cured. But before you put down commercial concrete in San Francisco, you should learn how concrete accelerants can benefit the process. Here are some of the ways that a concrete accelerant can assist you.

It Can Help Your Commercial Concrete Dry More Quickly In the Wintertime

If you attempt to install a concrete slab during a cold time of the year, you will likely find that it will take much longer for your concrete to fully cure. This can obviously be problematic, because it will produce a concrete that isn’t necessarily as strong as it should be. The additional time also allows for other problems to take place during the curing process.

It Can Cut Down On the Time That Needs To Be Spent Installing Concrete

A commercial concrete construction job is not over until the concrete has fully cured. Therefore, if you install concrete in the cold and it takes a couple days longer than it should to cure, you will need to continue to pay concrete contractors to monitor your slab for you. This is unnecessary, and you can easily speed the process up with a concrete accelerant.

It Can Allow You to Start Using Your Concrete Sooner

As soon as your concrete cures, you can begin using it. This is very important if you run a commercial company and need to use the concrete for business purposes. By adding a concrete accelerant to your slab, you can start using it sooner than if you choose not to use it.

It Can Produce a Stronger Concrete Slab

While it’s not a good idea to add a concrete accelerant to a slab when it’s extremely hot outside, you can do it most other times and push your slab to cure more quickly. When you do this, the result will be a much stronger slab that will stand the test of time.

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