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Common Concrete Mixtures

ready mix concrete san joseIf you live in a city, you’re surrounded by concrete. It’s a highly durable and reliable building material, perfect for buildings, driveways, sidewalks, streets, patios, or floors. If you’re ready to get your hands dirty with a concrete construction project, you should know what concrete is, and how properly to mix and use it. For larger jobs, you will need to have ready mix concrete delivered to you from a concrete mixer in San Francisco.

What Concrete Is

Basically, concrete is made using three ingredients: Portland cement, water, and an aggregate material, such as sand, rock, or gravel. When powdered cement is mixed together with water and aggregates—by hand or by using a cement mixer—it forms a paste that binds the mixture, thus creating the familiar and durable building material when hardened. The strength and durability of hardened concrete depends on the water to cement ratio—less water means stronger concrete. Portland cement and aggregates can be purchased at your local concrete construction company.

Concrete Components

Portland cement is a caustic material made of limestone that is found in England, and it’s used as the binding element in concrete. It’s typically manufactured as a powdered product. Aggregates are rock-based materials (sand, rocks, gravel) that are embedded in hardened concrete and offer reinforcement and strength to it—the larger the aggregate, the stringer the overall product. Water is an essential ingredient, acting as the hydrating agent and allowing the mixture to become workable—i.e., spreadable. The amount of water used determines how dense the finished concrete will be.


Admixtures, which are additives, are used to control the curing process of wet mixtures or to enhance certain structural features of concrete. For example, certain admixtures accelerate or delay the setting time of concrete, depending on your particular needs. Fly ash, a coal-based byproduct, improves wet concrete’s workability. Air-entraining admixtures are necessary in areas that experience freezing temperatures. They incorporate microscopic pockets of air into dried concrete, allowing for freezing water to expand within them instead of damaging the concrete. Water-reducing admixtures reduce the amount of water needed in a mixture, strengthening its structure when dried.

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