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What Is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete?

Concrete is known for being a strong, long-lasting material. But modern innovations in concrete additive production have made poured concrete even more durable. One of the most common concrete additives used today is fiberglass, which results in an even stronger and more durable concrete. Here’s a look at glass fiber reinforced concrete, and why it may be ideal for your next high-end concrete project for your San Francisco-area home or business.

Concrete Fiber

Concrete Fiber Additives

Before being mixed with water, concrete is essentially a mixture of rock and sand. In many instances, basic concrete is an appropriate material for low-stress environments. But for environments that require additional strength, concrete contractors incorporate fiber additives, including glass fiber, to help strengthen the concrete mixture. Concrete fiber additives can help to reduce costs associated with additional structural components, reduce maintenance with greater resistance to wear and tear, and ultimately lead to a more effective final product.

Glass Fiber Reinforcement

Most people don’t think of glass as a particularly durable material. But when used in the right way, glass can actually be incredibly resistant to fractures. Fiberglass, used to build lightweight and durable structures for vehicles and boats, is a blend of glass and plastic fibers sealed in a polymer to create a hard shell. Using the same basic principles, incorporating glass fibers into concrete as an additive has been common practice in some form for over 30 years.

Uses of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

The added strength of glass fiber reinforced concrete allow it to be used in settings that require cleaner edges or detail. Building facades, ornamental designs, and countertops are examples of concrete projects that could benefit from using glass fiber additives in premixed concrete. This additive will allow your finished product to retain its detail for longer with minimal risk of damage.
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