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Benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Thinking about adding a fireplace mantel, a kitchen countertop, or a decorative panel to your home? If so, consider using glass fiber reinforced concrete in San Francisco in your new home-improvement project. Here are some benefits of this highly useful concrete product. For more information about glass fiber reinforcement, contact your concrete construction professional. concrete-fiber-additive-benefits

What Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Is

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a fiber reinforced concrete that utilizes high-strength fibers of glass to create a structurally durable and lightweight product. GFRC is similar to fiberglass, which is a polymer or plastic product that’s strengthened with embedded glass fibers, in composition, but with one glaring difference: glass fiber reinforced concrete has a matrix composed of Portland cement, sand, pozzolan, and aggregates.

GFRC Weighs Less than Standard Concrete

Since glass fiber reinforced can be poured into thin and stable sections, it is much lighter than traditional concrete sections of the same size that may require more material and steel reinforcement. For example, a GFRC kitchen countertop can be made to be an inch thick, whereas a steel reinforced concrete countertop may be two inches thick or more, and be markedly heavier. Therefore, GFRC is ideal for projects that require thin concrete panels, walls, or slabs, as well as decorative construction products like river rock walls.

GFRC Is Super Strong

Glass fiber reinforced concrete has a high strength-to-weight ratio. A well-composed GFRC batch mixed in an appropriate cement mixer can be very durable, and made to be crack resistant as well as chip resistant when cut.

GFRC Is Relatively Easy to Install

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is easy to install and apply, and doesn’t require expensive machinery.

GFRC Is Versatile

When poured, sprayed, or applied in another way, glass fiber reinforced concrete can adapt to any mold, and can take on almost any shape a design plan may require. And since GFRC is reinforced internally with embedded glass fibers, it needs no additional support framework.

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