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Tips for Planning a Concrete Driveway

Your driveway is a prominent feature of your home, so it should look its best. When you’re ready to update your driveway, hire a reputable contractor who specializes in ready mix concrete, concrete pouring, concrete staining and finishing, and other concrete construction services near San Francisco. Here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling on your driveway project. concrete-driveway

Focus on Curb Appeal

Not only are concrete driveways practical and convenient, but they also can help to improve the curb appeal of homes. Well and thoughtfully designed homes and concrete driveways can be sights to behold, and can offer homeowners great returns on their investments—not to mention, higher property values on the real estate market.

Understand Sizing Standards for Driveways

Before the concrete delivery truck drives down your street, you and your contractor need to figure out the details and scope of your project. Be sure you’re aware of the local building codes, since driveway construction specifications can differ from city to city. If you live in an area with a homeowners’ association, you’re obligated to comply with your community’s specific regulations and restrictions. In general, a standard sedan requires about 18 to 20 feet of length—larger vehicles require an additional two to four feet of length—and a minimum of 10 feet of width per vehicle.

Create a Driveway That Can Accommodate More than a Car

When designing your new driveway, make sure you create a space that can accommodate more than just your car. For example, consider adding more width, if feasible, to your new driveway—standard driveways tend to have just enough space to fit the width of a car, but usually not enough space to accommodate opening doors or to offer much walkway room.

Maximize Your Driveway Design

If you have the means, don’t settle for a standard, nondescript driveway. There are many ways to customize your concrete driveway using specialized stamps, dyes and stains, and concrete finishes. Consult with your concrete construction professional.
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