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Blog Posts in June, 2016

Simplifying Your Concrete Additive Options

When you are working with a commercial concrete company to plan a concrete installation for your home, your contractor may recommend that you incorporate concrete additives into your mixture. For ...
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How to Safely Use a Cement Mixer

Construction machinery can have lots of pinch and nip points such as chain drives, sprockets, belts, and a variety of other rotating and moving parts—and a portable cement mixer is no different. ...
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What to Ask When Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is the fast, easy, and sometimes even affordable alternative to mixing your own cement. If this is your first time ordering ready-mix concrete, here are some questions you should ...
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Ready for Your Concrete Delivery

Whether you’re a small residential contractor or overseeing a major construction project in the heart of San Francisco, you’ll probably need to have concrete delivered at some point during ...
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Concrete Construction Myths and Facts

Although concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction, and has been for decades, there are a number of tall-tales surrounding concrete. For example, adding water to the cement mix ...
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