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Simplifying Your Concrete Additive Options

When you are working with a commercial concrete company to plan a concrete installation for your home, your contractor may recommend that you incorporate concrete additives into your mixture. For example, a concrete fiber additive can be used to add strength and durability to your final product. With the help of a company offering concrete fiber and ready mix concrete near San Francisco, you will be able to choose the best available additives for your project. To help you get ready for your commercial concrete project, here is a look at some of the most popular concrete additives.



If you are seeking a concrete mixture that is extremely strong and durable, you may want to consider using plasticizers in your mix. When you incorporate plasticizers into your mix, your concrete will require less water in order to become workable. As a result, your concrete will be extremely resistant to wear and tear. In addition, concrete that contains plasticizing admixtures can be used in extremely high-stress conditions.

Super Plasticizers

When you require extremely high workability and durability from your concrete, you may want to ask your concrete contractor about the possibility of adding super plasticizers to your mix. With super plasticizers, you will be able to make your concrete almost 200% stronger than a conventional mix. Additionally, super plasticizers have the added benefit of making your concrete even more resistant to shrinkage. Finally, super plasticizers also offer terrific water reduction.


Accelerators are another type of concrete admixture that is commonly used in the construction process. With an accelerator, you will be able to drastically reduce the drying time for your concrete. Accelerators can also help to protect concrete from corrosion, cracking, and other structural issues. Finally, accelerators can also improve the strength of dried concrete by as much as 120%. If you are wondering what type of concrete admixture will be best for your project, be sure to contact a ready mix concrete company that serves your local area.
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