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Spotlight on Crushed Aggregates

Are you currently doing concrete construction and building a foundation for a home, a road, a driveway, a septic drain field, or a retaining wall drain? Then you could benefit from using crushed aggregates during your concrete construction near San Francisco. Crushed aggregates have many different uses and are very effective when it comes to adding durability to any concrete work.

Recycled concrete, sand, gravel, slag, and other materials fall under the category of crushed aggregates. They can be incorporated into a variety of drainage applications and are often used as a base for foundations, roads, and more. During concrete construction, concrete contractors often rely on crushed aggregates to provide an extra level of strength to their projects, so you should ask about which types of crushed aggregates are going to be used if you ever have concrete work done. A-1 Ready Mix Concrete would be more than happy to speak with you about crushed when you call on us to complete concrete construction for you.

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