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Understanding the Benefits of Concrete Recycling

Are you planning on removing a large amount of concrete from a construction site in the near future? Rather than hauling it off to a landfill, you should consider working with a company that specializes in concrete recycling. The concrete that you are throwing away could actually be recycled and used for other concrete construction in the future. Check out just a few of the benefits of working with concrete contractors in San Francisco to recycle your concrete.

Concrete Recycling

You can help save space in landfills.

Every year, there are tons and tons of concrete that end up getting sent to landfills after concrete demolition jobs are completed. This concrete takes up an enormous amount of space, which is a shame when you consider that it is something that can be used for concrete construction. Instead of sending concrete to a landfill where it will just sit for years to come, you should have it recycled so that it can be crushed and used on another construction project.

You can reduce the amount of new concrete that needs to be produced for construction.

Recycled concrete can be used for a multitude of applications. The Federal Highway Administration uses recycled concrete to create the base for roadways that run all across the country. It can also be used to create ready mix concrete and to stabilize soil. Additionally, some utility companies use recycled concrete when laying pipes. It can even be used by landscaping companies to build rock walls, water features, and more. There are so many ways to use recycled concrete in place of new concrete.

You can prevent pollution caused by trucks hauling concrete.

When you recycle concrete and reuse it elsewhere rather than throwing it away, you will help cut down on the number of large vehicles that need to be used to transport concrete to and from construction sites. This will reduce the pollution caused by those vehicles and serve as an added benefit for the environment. It’s why you should think long and hard about working with a company that can help you recycle your concrete today.

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