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Concrete Projects That Can Benefit from Fibermesh

Concrete is an extremely tough and durable material that can withstand significant amounts of wear and tear. When you are planning concrete work for your home or commercial property, you will want to make sure that your concrete construction project is as durable and long lasting as possible. A company that offers concrete construction services near San Francisco can provide you with a concrete fiber additive that will add incredible strength to your concrete installation. Read on for a closer look at some common concrete projects that can benefit from Fibermesh. Parking - Garage

Garage Floors

When you are constructing a new garage floor for your property, you may want to consider including Fibermesh in your concrete installation. Fibermesh will make your garage floor even more resistant to wear from vehicle and foot traffic. By choosing to include Fibermesh in your garage floor installation, you can also rest assured that your garage floors will be resistant to cracks, chips, and other forms of damage.

Pool Decks

Pool decks are exposed to considerable amounts of wear and tear throughout the seasons. Along with being hit with the sun’s rays, pool decks are also continually under very damp and wet conditions. When you are creating a new pool deck design for your home, you may want to ask your concrete contractor to include Fibermesh in your installation. Fibermesh will protect the surface of your pool deck and ensure that it remains perfectly intact for all of your recreational needs.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are among the most abused concrete surfaces around. On an average day, a parking lot will receive traffic from hundreds of vehicles. In order to make sure that your new parking lot remains in good condition for years to come, you will want to include a Fibermesh additive in your installation. Your concrete contractor can create a Fibermesh blend that is perfectly suited for your parking lot design.
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