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Ideas for Designing a Unique Concrete Patio

An exquisite patio is a crucial part of outdoor living. When it comes to materials, nothing matches the durability and versatility of concrete. As with any renovation or home improvement project, however, you still need to spend some time coming up with a practical and aesthetically pleasing design. Before you order concrete from your San Francisco concrete contractor, consider the following patio ideas. concrete - patio

Select a Shape that Complements Your Property

One of the great things about concrete is that you can mold it into any shape you want. Take advantage of concrete’s versatility and come up with a shape that complements your property. For instance, you can design your concrete patio in such a way that accommodates your yard’s existing features, such as trees and bushes. There are all sorts of layout possibilities; when making decisions, it helps to imagine how you’re going to use this patio—will it just be a place to sit outside, or will you also build an outdoor kitchen?

Choose an Attractive Stain

When you think of concrete, you probably imagine that light grey color you see on most sidewalks. However, nowhere is it written that concrete has to be grey. There are all sorts of colors and stains you can apply to your concrete to give it a more appealing look. For instance, many homeowners opt or ochre concrete or another color that more closely resemble natural stone. Selecting an interesting color for your concrete patio is an excellent way to make your patio truly yours.

Consider Concrete Stamps

Another great thing about concrete is how easy it is to play with its texture. Since concrete takes some time to set, your concrete contractor can alter its texture by applying special concrete stamps as the concrete dries. Again, there are all sorts of stamp options, including those that make your concrete look like natural stone. If you’re looking for a more modern option, you might go with a stamp that gives your concrete patio a unique pattern.

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