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FAQs About Selecting a Concrete Additive

You need to plan carefully when it’s time for concrete construction near San Francisco, as you only have so much time to work with ready mix concrete before it sets. Additives make it easier for you to get your concrete project done, affording you more flexibility and comfort. Different additives serve different purposes, and while they’re not mandatory for every project, they can help in many ways. Here are FAQs and answers about selecting a concrete additive: concrete - additive

When do I need a concrete additive?

A concrete additive comes in handy when you could use some extra control or influence over the way your concrete sets. Additives can be used to make the concrete set more slowly, more quickly, or even with greater strength. You need to think about other relevant factors like the weather and the amount of time you have when selecting an additive for your concrete construction, and these elements will help you choose the right one for the job. If you are wondering if you chose the right additive, or you’re not sure where to get additives, talk to your concrete contractor for assistance.

What kind of additive do I need?

It pays to know a little bit about each kind of additive when you’re deciding which one you need for your project. Accelerant additives are designed to get your concrete to set more quickly, which is often pertinent during the cold weather. Retardant additives have the opposite effect. They are used in hot weather to extend the time it takes for the concrete to dry. These additives sometimes double as water reducers, which tilt the ratio of water to cement in favor of the cement. This helps to keep the concrete construction from cracking and can even be helpful for the environment.

Are concrete additives necessary?

Additives can help you take full control over your commercial concrete project, but they aren’t always necessary. Factors like the water and aggregates used in the concrete, the temperature and weather during the setting period, and the amount of air inside the concrete will all have an effect on the end result as well.
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