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What's the Best Way to Build a Road?

Taxpayers fund the construction of roads, so it’s important to build them in the most economical ways possible. This might mean an asphalt or concrete construction near San Francisco. While some people may think asphalt and concrete work are the same, they are quite different. Watch this video to learn about the best way to build a road.

Asphalt and concrete are both viable materials when it comes to building a road, but they’re not necessarily equally effective. Concrete used to be a more expensive option, but they both cost about the same by today’s standards. Even in the past, however, one hidden cost actually made asphalt more expensive overall. Asphalt needs repairs over time in order to hold up, and an asphalt road might even need resurfacing. Concrete roads will stand the test of time without incurring any extra expenses, making them the best kind for taxpayers’ wallets.

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