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Using Delivery Timing and Concrete Additives to Promote a Successful Project

If commercial concrete in San Francisco always stayed wet and moldable, it wouldn’t be a good material for creating solid new structures. Ready mix concrete would never solidify, and sidewalks would be more like quicksand. Concrete becomes hard and durable as it dries, which is why you’ll need to work quickly. You should know how long you have to work with your concrete after it’s discharged from the cement mixer, what to do when you need more than one truck, and how additives can help. Find out how delivery timing and concrete additives can help your project by reading ahead. concrete - truck

Timeline of a Cement Mixer

Since you only have so much time to work with concrete before it cures, it will typically arrive in a cement mixer. The cement mixer creates concrete by adding all of its components together and rotating, and it also helps preserve its consistency. Concrete should not be left in the cement mixer for more than an hour and a half after mixing it with water, or you might not have enough time to complete your project after its discharge.

Timing Multiple Trucks

If you’re working on a particularly large concrete construction, you’ll need a substantial amount of concrete. This means that you might also need more than one cement mixer, and you’ll have to coordinate their deliveries. You won’t be able to move on to the next truck until you’re done working with the cement that you got from the first, so they probably should not arrive at the same time—this would mean the concrete would have to stay in the cement mixer for too long. Your concrete contractor can coordinate an optimal delivery with multiple trucks.

The Role of Additives

There are ways to speed up and slow down the concrete hardening process, and they’re called additives. Accelerators move the curing process along, while retardants slow it down. You can also use concrete fiber additives to strengthen your concrete and enjoy a successful concrete construction project.

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