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Your Guide to Crushed Aggregates

When you schedule concrete delivery for your upcoming construction project, you may also want to consider ordering crushed aggregate. Crushed aggregate is a recycled byproduct of the concrete demolition process. Typically, crushed aggregates are used by concrete companies to provide structural support to foundations, drain fields, and other building components. With services from a company that offers concrete construction near San Francisco, you will be able to easily figure out what types of crushed aggregates will be right for your project site. Read on for an overview of three of the most common types of crushed aggregates. crushed - aggregate

Recycled Road Base

Recycled road base is a very popular type of crushed aggregate that can be used for many different applications. After an old roadway is torn out, its larger concrete chunks will be transported to a processing facility so that they can be turned into a crushed aggregate material. Since recycled road base is typically coarser in texture, it is often used for drainage purposes, such as lining trench bases. Using recycled road base is an excellent way to repurpose old materials for a new construction project.

Recycled Sand

In order to create a concrete mixture, your concrete contractors must combine Portland cement with a specific ratio of crushed aggregates. Recycled sand is an aggregate that is often used to bulk up concrete as it is being mixed. Since recycled sand is usually very fine, it will mix discretely with the other concrete materials. Your contractor may also recommend that you use recycled sand as a bedding material for new plumbing pipe installations.

3/4-1-1/2” Aggregate

When you are seeking a crushed aggregate that is extremely coarse and durable, 3/4-1-1/2” aggregate may be appropriate for your needs. 3/4-1-1/2” aggregate resembles gravel chunks, and this type of aggregate is an excellent material for creating drainage in outdoor landscaping projects. You can use your 3/4-1-1/2” aggregate to line your flowerbeds or create landscaping features throughout your property. Certain contractors also include a specific amount of 3/4-1-1/2” aggregate in their concrete mixtures.

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