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Ways That Concrete Additives Can Improve Your Project's Integrity

When you require a tough and durable material to use during your next construction project, concrete may be the right product for your needs. Fiber reinforced concrete adds stability and weather resistance to many types of structures. As you are booking concrete construction services with concrete contractors in San Francisco, you might want to as your team about the benefits of using additives in your mix. Concrete fiber additives can be used to dramatically improve the stability and durability of your final product. Let’s review three ways that concrete additives can improve your project’s integrity. concrete - mix

Provide Additional Strength

Fiber additives are among the most common types of products that are included in cement mixtures. When you combine traditional concrete with fiber additives, you will provide your concrete slab with additional strength. The fiber additives bond with the concrete as it dries, creating a surface that is very resistant to water damage, vehicle traffic, and general wear and tear. Concrete fiber additives can also significantly extend the overall lifespan of a concrete surface.

Decrease Ratio of Water to Cement

In order to transform dry concrete into pourable and mixable cement, water must be added to the mixture. Too much water, however, can compromise the structural integrity and durability of the final concrete product. Certain additives can be used to decrease the ratio of water to cement, which will help the concrete to remain stronger and free of damage over time.

Speed Up Concrete Drying Time

The drying time of a concrete mixture will have a major impact on the integrity of the final result. Very cold or humid weather conditions can cause concrete to dry very slowly, which may lead to a weak or unsatisfactory result. Accelerant additives are used to help concrete dry more quickly, which will ensure that the mixture is as strong and durable as possible. Your concrete contractor can recommend an additive that is right for the conditions of your specific project.

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