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The Benefits of Adding Retardant to Your Concrete

When it comes to concrete construction, using the right mix of concrete and additives can be critical for getting the job done right. One popular additive used by concrete contractors is called retardant. Are you planning to begin concrete work in San Francisco? If so, then continue reading to learn how you can benefit from adding retardant to your concrete mix. concrete - retardant

More Time for Finishing

Today, concrete is used in a variety of applications, some of which require additional work to achieve the desired result. A retardant concrete additive causes concrete to set at a slower rate, so if you are planning a concrete project that requires stamping or that you won’t have a lot of help with, adding a retardant to your concrete mix can provide you with the time that you need to finish working with the concrete before it begins to set.

High-Quality Concrete Work

The way in which concrete cures can have a significant impact on how long the material lasts before needing to be replaced. When concrete cures at the right speed, it can become less vulnerable to cracking and other types of damage in the face of traffic, temperature fluctuations, and the elements. When the weather is hot or dry, poured concrete can dry faster than it should and affect the curing process. You can benefit from adding a retardant to your concrete mix if you are expecting weather that may cause your concrete to dry too quickly. This can help promote a higher quality product and concrete that lasts longer and resists cracking.

Better Concrete Workability

Is your upcoming concrete project going to be one of the first that you attempt? If so, then you have a good reason to consider adding a retardant to your concrete mix. This type of concrete additive can increase the workability of poured concrete by causing it to set more slowly and provide you with more time to get the mixture the way that you want it.

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