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Prepping for Your Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Being good at working with concrete is a convenient trait to have, but part of the responsibility is on your concrete contractors in San Francisco. It’s equally important for your concrete suppliers to show up on time and for you to be ready for them when they arrive. Think about how much space you’ll need to clear out for your project, as well as whether or not you’ll need additives to throw into your concrete. If you’re taking on a big project, you’ll need a lot of materials and your concrete delivery might come via more than one truck. Read ahead for tips for prepping for your ready-mix concrete delivery. ready - mix

Planning Out Your Space

If the day has come to get started on your concrete construction, hopefully you’ve taken the time to prepare in advance. Whether you are adding a patio to the outside dining area of your restaurant or you’re redoing your residential driveway, you need to plan ahead. You’ll only have so much time to work with your concrete before it sets. Before your concrete delivery service shows up, you should already have the area prepared. If you want to discharge directly from the truck, you will need to make the space accessible, as the truck needs to be within 12 feet or so of the project.

Considering Additives

Sometimes you need a little extra time to work with your concrete, and yet sometimes you want it to set faster. Depending on your situation and your needs, you can use different kinds of additives to help with your project. Retardants make it take longer for the concrete to set, so you can give yourself some more flexibility. Accelerants have the opposite effect and cause the concrete to dry faster, which is useful during the colder months.

Requesting Multiple Trucks

If you need a lot of materials for your concrete construction, then you might need to coordinate with multiple trucks. This requires some careful planning thanks to the way concrete dries over time. Plan and talk to your concrete contractor to find out how you should handle this kind of delivery.
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