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Colored Concrete 101

When you are working with concrete contractors to create a new driveway or patio for your property, you may want to consider adding colored concrete into the mix. Concrete companies near San Francisco can add a variety of different colors and textures to their finished concrete products. By creating a colored concrete design for your home, you can add terrific style and appeal to your finished product. To assist you with planning your next concrete project, here is a basic overview of what you need to know about colored concrete. red - concrete

The Origins of Colored Concrete

Colored concrete can trace its roots back to the 1950s, when a company called F.D. Davis decided to add new materials to their concrete mixes. After adding iron oxide, the team at F.D. Davis realized that their finished concrete had a reddish tone. Pleased with the results of their experiment, the company decided to add a variety of different earthen materials to their concrete. As the decades passed, colored concrete became more and more popular for both homes and commercial buildings.

The Process of Making Colored Concrete

In order to achieve your desired results from your colored concrete installation, it is essential that you use the correct ratio of water to dry mix. Too much water can dilute the pigments that are used to achieve the final color of the concrete. If you continue to add water throughout the mixing process, you may create a concrete slab that is only lightly pigmented. With services from concrete contractors, you can achieve the right ratios for your mix.

The Steps of Maintaining Colored Concrete

Maintaining your colored concrete is a critical step of preserving its beauty and pigmentation. Like regular concrete, colored concrete must be routinely cleaned and sealed in order to keep out moisture and other damaging elements. After you have freshly washed and sealed your colored concrete slab, you will notice that its vibrant color has returned.
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