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How Additives Can Extend the Life of Your Concrete

It’s nice to know that your commercial concrete construction in San Francisco will last for a long time, and it’s not a matter that should be left up to chance. Concrete fiber additives can add a few extra years to your concrete’s life, so you won’t have to think about a replacement for a while. Additives can also give your concrete more strength and durability, and they can be used to control its structural integrity as well. Use additives when you want to adjust the ratio between cement and water, and keep reading to find out how additives can extend the life of your concrete. concrete - additive

Extra Strength and Durability

You want your concrete construction to last for as long as it can, and extra strength and durability can only help. Introducing fiber additives to your commercial concrete can make the project easier to accomplish as well as ensure that it sticks around for a long time. If you anticipate a lot of traffic crossing over your concrete, you can use additives to protect your investment from normal wear and tear. Fibermesh and concrete reinforcing fibers bolster the concrete by strengthening the bonds made during the drying process.

Better Structural Integrity

No matter how nice your concrete construction looks, it needs to be structurally sound in order to survive. Additives help your concrete dry faster or slower, which can both be helpful in different situations. Accelerants help your concrete dry and bond more quickly during the winter, which helps to improve its integrity, and in turn extends the working life of your project.

Less Water

You wouldn’t know by looking at it once it’s all settled, but water is an important component to concrete construction. Certain kinds of additives change how much water you need for the mixture. Water reducers lessen the needed ratio of water to cement, which helps keep the concrete construction from cracking in the future. This kind of additive even makes the project more environmentally friendly because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, so you get two advantages for the price of one.
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