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Recent Posts in Concrete Sealer Category

Prepping for Your Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Being good at working with concrete is a convenient trait to have, but part of the responsibility is on your concrete contractors in San Francisco. It’s equally important for your concrete ...
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Fighting Concrete Cracks with Fiber

If you are concerned about cracks and damage in your concrete, you may want to consider using a concrete fiber additive during your next project. While conventional concrete is extremely durable, it ...
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Could Your Next Project Benefit from a Concrete Water-Reducer?

If you are seeking a great way to go green with your concrete construction project, you may want to talk to your concrete contractors in San Francisco about the benefits of using water reducers in ...
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The Importance of Timing When It Comes to Concrete Delivery

Concrete delivery is a convenient way to perform concrete work at home. When you are getting ready for concrete delivery, however, you will want to work with your concrete contractors in San Francisco ...
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Spotlight on Working with Concrete

If you’re going to be working with concrete, it’s always a good idea to call your concrete contractor in San Francisco. Concrete work tends to hold up well over time, but you need to make ...
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Determining How Much Concrete You Need

When you are preparing for a concrete delivery, you will need to calculate how much concrete is needed to fill the area. Since concrete fiber materials are sold in cubic yards, it is essential to ...
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Signs That You Could Benefit from Concrete Delivery

Concrete delivery is a service that is used by amateur builders and experienced contractors, alike. When you are getting ready to pour ready mix concrete, you may want to explore your options for ...
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What Are Concrete Color Hardeners?

Concrete is a strong, reliable building material that exists virtually everywhere in today’s cities. If you’re planning to add concrete to your property, you want to make sure it looks as ...
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Prepping for a Successful Concrete Delivery

When it comes to construction projects, there are a million little things to worry about. If you work with a skilled concrete contractor in San Francisco, concrete delivery doesn’t have to be ...
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A Look at the Future of Concrete

Concrete contractors in San Francisco are continuously using new and improved technologies to advance their techniques. Over the decades, concrete technology has advanced to incorporate the newest ...
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Simplifying Your Concrete Additive Options

When you are working with a commercial concrete company to plan a concrete installation for your home, your contractor may recommend that you incorporate concrete additives into your mixture. For ...
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How to Safely Use a Cement Mixer

Construction machinery can have lots of pinch and nip points such as chain drives, sprockets, belts, and a variety of other rotating and moving parts—and a portable cement mixer is no different. ...
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Ready for Your Concrete Delivery

Whether you’re a small residential contractor or overseeing a major construction project in the heart of San Francisco, you’ll probably need to have concrete delivered at some point during ...
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Popular Spring Concrete Projects

Spring has sprung, and considering the beautiful weather in the Bay Area it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular times of the year for outdoor home improvement projects. If you ...
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How to Determine a Concrete Slab Thickness

Before you build a concrete slab, you need to determine exactly how thick it needs to be. If you build a slab that is too thin, it will be susceptible to cracking in the near future. Your concrete ...
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Tips for Building a Concrete Foundation

Concrete foundations are some of the most common in the San Francisco area. But if you haven’t seen one built from the ground up, it’s hard to appreciate the amount of time and skill it ...
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Choosing Concrete Sealers

When you are planning a concrete construction project, you will need to choose a concrete sealer that is suited to your specific environment. Certain sealers are designed for indoor use, whereas other ...
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Selecting a Concrete Sealer

The concrete delivery went smoothly and your floors were installed without a hitch, so now what? The final step is to add a protective layer to your concrete floors by applying a concrete sealer. But ...
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