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Concrete Services in San Francisco

Family Owned and Operated Ready Mix Concrete Business

If you are starting a construction project in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider the services of A-1 Ready Mix. We are a family owned and operated company, and customer service is our first priority. When you call our office, you can rest assured that you will always speak with us.

Our team can help you achieve your home or business projects through concrete services such as:

Ready Mix Concrete
Ready mix concrete provides workers with concrete that is already mixed in precise proportions in a batch plant. Instead of having to mix cement, sand, gravel, and other additives in the correct wet/dry ratio at the worksite, ready mix concrete comes to workers prepared to be put into place.

Portable Plants
Does your job consist of over 100 yards? We can bring the batch plant to you and pour 60 yards of concrete per hour. Portable plants can help you avoid large pools of water from washout, truck traffic jams, and other unpleasant aspects of on-site mixing.

Concrete Recycling
Instead of throwing it into a landfill, consider recycling your concrete. By crushing and processing your unwanted concrete, we create a crushed rock product that can be used for road bases, flowerbeds, and more. We are available to collect your concrete or you can bring your concrete to the yard.

Colored Concrete
Colored concrete can provide beautiful accents to your property and obscure stains. Even the most intense colors are made to last as long as the concrete itself. We offer a variety of colors ranging from subtle shades that can blend into nature to bold colors that make a statement.

Crushed Aggregates
Aggregate is construction material that consists of sand, gravel, recycled concrete, and more. Intended to strengthen other building materials, aggregates have many uses, such as serving as road bases.

Concrete Construction
We handle a variety of residential construction projects, including driveways, walkways, backyards, and landscape borders. A-1 Ready Mix also assists customers with commercial construction projects, including retraining walls and foundations. In addition to building, we demolish customers' unwanted concrete.

Choose A-1 Ready Mix for all of your concrete needs!

As a family business, we take customer satisfaction seriously. In addition to being available to speak with you whenever you call, we also offer same day delivery of ready mix concrete. If you are interested in learning more about how A-1 Ready Mix can help with your next project, schedule a free same day consultation!

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