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A-1 Micro Rebar in San Francisco

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Build STRONGER Concrete Products with Less Labor and Less Cost.

Without Rebar. Check out this amazing product in our video.

Helix is the only reinforcement alternative to rebar with a Uniform Evaluation Report (UES) covering use in structural concrete. The report, UES ER 279, provides assurance to the end user and building regulators that requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) for reinforcement have been satisfied with Helix. It’s easy to work with, finishes well, requires no special equipment, works with a laser screed, and offers you tremendous opportunity, both in cost of materials and in time savings.

For the Homeowner and Build

Cost $35 per yard depending on the dosing per yard.

Engineers and property owners are demanding Helix Micro-Rebar. It’s a cost effective alternative to rebar, mesh and other additives, that provides strength, durability and improved crack control. It won’t rust, it’s easy to trowel, and it’s fully warranted—the only fiber reinforcement available that can make that offer.

For the Contractor

Provide your customers a superior choice: standard concrete, or highly versatile Helix concrete.

Best of all, Helix Micro-Rebar saves you cash. Depending on your application, you can reduce traditional rebar usage to zero, saving material and labor costs, and cutting significant time off your schedule—on average about one day savings for every 10,000 square feet.

Using Helix Micro-Rebar is completely code approved. It’s engineered to meet your demands and has a 13-year history of success with more than 50 million square feet already placed. And there is no risk: installation is fully warranted. Call our sales representative for more information. We have example projects from all over the USA and testimonials from satisfied customers like you.

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