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Concrete Additives in San Francisco

Concrete is one of the most versatile and widely-used construction materials today. However, the conditions under which our concrete products is laid can greatly affect concrete’s strength, durability, and longevity. At A-1 Ready Mix, our concrete contractors in San Francisco have the solutions you need to ensure your concrete looks great and lasts for decades, even under high traffic and other tough conditions.

Factors That Affect Concrete Integrity

Concrete contractors know that there are many factors that affect the final integrity of any project. Knowing the potential problems you face during concrete work can help you reduce the risk of cosmetic and structural problems after you are finished. Factors that affect concrete integrity include:

  • The amount and quality of water used to create the mixture.

  • The amount and quality of aggregates present in the concrete.

  • The amount of air trapped inside the concrete, which is a result of compaction.

  • The ambient temperature and humidity while the concrete sets.

  • The amount of time the concrete was left to set prior to concrete finishing.

  • The effects of any additives in the concrete, such as accelerators or retardants.

The Benefits of Concrete Fiber Additives

Additives are ingredients added to concrete in the cement mixture to improve the outcome of the finished project like fibermesh. These additives are designed to affect specific properties of the concrete during or after setting for better results. You can find out more about commercial concrete construction by calling A-1 Ready Mix at (510) 690-8530.

  • Fibermesh or concrete reinforcing fibers are added to a concrete mixture to provide the final solution with improved strength and integrity under high traffic or other harsh conditions. The fibers, which help hold the concrete together, create a stronger bond during drying to extend the lifetime of the concrete solution.

  • Water reducers are added to concrete to reduce the water-to-cement ratio required for the mixture. These additives will not only reinforce the concrete to prevent cracking under stress and wear, but also reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions produced per volume unit of concrete for greener, eco-friendlier concrete work.

  • Accelerant additives speed up the drying rate of concrete in conditions where a long drying time could result in poor concrete integrity. These additives are typically used to during cold weather, when weather conditions may retard the drying rate of the concrete.

  • Retardant additives cause concrete work to set at a slower speed in hot weather, which may artificially speed up the concrete curing process and cause a weaker result. Many retardant additives also function as water reducers as well.
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