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Concrete Delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area

Scheduling concrete delivery is an important step in any concrete construction project. Whether you need a small amount of concrete or will be covering a large area, A-1 Ready Mix has the ready mix concrete batching and delivery options you need to complete your concrete work near San Francisco. We offer a variety of concrete services such as, concrete truck delivery, portable plant batching, concrete additives, and colored concrete for complete customizability of your project.

Cement Mixer Basics

Since the 1920s, cement trucks have been the vehicles of choice when transporting ready mix concrete to a concrete construction site. These trucks, which carry a large, rotating drum, can be used as either a mixer or an agitator. Concrete is typically loaded into the truck as its constituent parts, then mixed together with water either prior to transport or upon reaching the site. On-site mixing is the best way to batch concrete, as the final concrete mixture has a limited lifetime after it has been mixed before it will start to set. The agitation of the mixed concrete inside the mixer keeps the concrete at the right consistency during transport and pouring for optimal results. In most cases, concrete should be discharged from the cement mixer within 90 minutes of mixing with water, or within 300 revolutions of the cement mixer. If necessary, additives such as accelerators, retardants, or concrete fiber additive can be added during the mixing process, as well as during agitation prior to discharge to compensate for weather or other factors.

What to Expect from Concrete Delivery Trucks

The results of your concrete services work depend heavily on the quality of your concrete mixture. Ready mix concrete delivery will make any project faster, easier, and more robust.

  • Depending on the size of your project, we’ll either deliver your concrete via cement mixer, or set up a portable batch plant on-site to transfer batched concrete via truck to its final destination.

  • If you plan to discharge concrete directly from the truck, it will need to come within approximately 12 feet of your project. In cases where this proximity is not possible, concrete can be pumped or delivered via wheelbarrow.

  • For projects that require more than one truck, talk to your concrete contractors about timing the arrival of your trucks. The longer your concrete must sit in the cement mixer, even while it is agitating, the more likely it is that your concrete work will ultimately suffer in quality.

When it’s time to complete your next concrete construction project, don’t overlook the importance of purchasing high-quality ready mix concrete. You can reach A-1 Ready Mix to discuss concrete delivery in San Francisco by calling (510) 690-8530.

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