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Colored Concrete in San Francisco

Concrete is widely known as a strong, practical, and affordable building material. Though concrete may be great for foundations and sidewalks, it isn't known for its beauty. However, concrete can be beautiful as well as strong and practical—all you have to do is ask your Hayward concrete supplier about colored concrete. A-1 Ready Mix is proud to provide San Francisco-area home and business owners with many shades of elegant concrete. We can also help you decide which type of colored concrete best suits your property.

Colored Concrete Applications

Colored concrete can offer the best of all worlds. In addition to strength and versatility, colored concrete can add distinct beauty to a wide range of construction projects.

  • Custom Patio: Instead of putting in a plain gray patio, you might opt for a colored patio that beautifully complements your property. Be sure to consider your roof, siding, trim, and landscape when selecting a color.
  • Property Accents: Colored concrete can add distinctive and stylish accents to your property. For example, you might consider using colored concrete for your front walkway or flower boxes.
  • Elegant Pool Area: Colored concrete can also turn your pool area into a backyard oasis. The right color of concrete will allow you to create a natural theme throughout your pool area, making it an even more relaxing environment.

Color Options

Once you decide to go with colored concrete, you'll need to determine which color to use. A-1 Ready Mix has several elegant color groups for you to choose from.

  • Subtle Colors: The subtle and standard color groups look the most like traditional concrete. These colors include canyon, cocoa, light gray, and caramel.
  • Premium Colors: Our premium colors are a little bolder, and cost a little more. These colors include brick red, adobe, and terra cotta.
  • Elite Colors: Our ultra premium and elite colors are the boldest of all the colors, and are excellent for creating a unique look. These colors include euroblue, willow green, graphite, and jet black.

For help determining which color is best suited to your property, let the Hayward concrete experts at A-1 Ready Mix provide some useful advice. We have ample experience providing home and business owners throughout San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose with strong and beautiful concrete. Call (510) 690-8530 if you have any questions for our concrete experts.

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